Thursday, May 8, 2014

Synclis: HTML Mockup1

Sorry for the wait but here it is.

The main objective of the mock-up is to provide a visual, more substantial alternative to hand-drawn Low Fidelity (LoFi) mock ups. Although the website has already been created, I used the opportunity to apply my vision of the site and apply any of my suggested improvements. Here's the link to actual website. And here's the Git Hub repository for my HTML mock ups

Here are some side by side comparisons starting with the homepage.

HTML Mock Up of Home page

Synclis Home page
It should be clear which is more appealing of the two just by looking at both of the home pages. I didn't add the various categories for a couple of reasons. The first is that I didn't actually find anything I wanted to improve as I went through the listing categories. I liked everything that I did see within the categories. It was well organized and neatly implemented. The other reason is that if I find any, I'm not quite sure where to begin to even start implementing any suggested improvements. The homepage serves as an index to all the other pages.

I wish I could show you some of the other features comparable features of the website but it seems that Chris, the client that I'm working with, has temporarily disabled the sign-in features so I'm unable to. With that said, here is the suggested addition that I pitched to Chris earlier: business advertisements. 

HTML mock up of "My Businesses"

The point of Synclis is to allow user-generated listings be advertised. Chris was recently approached by Amazon to advertise some of their items. It was as this point that I realized that websites like Synclis can be a lucrative stage to advertise businesses. The only problem was that Synclis' listings weren't particularly suitable for business advertisements. Regular listings expire shortly after their creation (about 40 days). It would prove to be quite a hassle for business managers to constantly post listings after they expire. With that said, I suggested a different kind of listing called a business listing which would be more of a permanent fixture on the website. Chris liked the idea and suggested that because business listings are more permanent that businesses must pay a fee to have it remain on the website. I called this action leasing. In the HTML mock up of "My Businesses", I created page that would manage such listings. As suggested by Chris, the page allows users to renew, edit, or delete existing business listings and create new ones. 

Here's what it looks like when I edit a business listing:

HTML mock up "Edit Business Listing"

The features I offer here are very straightforward. It allows users to look at the old entries while completing a form to make a new listing. I intended to have an area where all media related to the business listing would appear but I never got around to implementing it. So far, Chris' response has been largely positive. Since he is the designer he will get the final call as to what it would look like.

The next step now would be trying to figure how these listings would be advertised. Would they appear as regular advertisements throughout the website, will the business listings have it's own area completely separate from regular listings, or would they appear as regular listings but have a tag that identifies it as a business listing?

I'll keep you posted.

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