Thursday, May 8, 2014

My Work Thus Far

My work thus far working with Synclis and Chris has been pretty rewarding. The keeping up with blogs and working with actual clients proved to be quite challenging but it makes a great stepping stone for work in the real world.

For my project presentation I plan on systematically going through all the assignments that we went through. For my introduction I'm not going to assume that the audience is fully aware of the objective of the class and start by explaining the class' purpose. I would then give a brief summary of the company that I was working with. And before going into the bulk of my project discussion I'm going to preface my presentation by saying that my project was slightly different from others in that I wasn't actually making an app or a website; rather I was attempting to find a useful addition that my project manager would want to implement. Starting from the activity diagram I would describe the work flow of the company as well as give a brief summary of the stake holders. From there I would present my Use Cases and the thought-process I went through in making them. After that I would examine some of the features I made and how they evolved throughout the course. Then I would start talking about the LoFi diagrams and about the suggesting that I pitched to Chris (business listings). And finally I'm going to showcase my HTML mock ups regarding that suggestion. To close the presentation, I plan on talking about the problems I faced and other improvements I wanted to make if I had more time. And lastly I would then talk about my future with Synclis and possibly my current career goals.

Here is the link to my slides.

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