Thursday, May 8, 2014

LoFi Diagram

Hey there!
So unfortunately I neither have any real LoFi diagrams nor a video of Chris and I conversing over them. Allow me to explain. Synclis, the website that Chris is currently working on, is already up and running (in open-beta). Earlier I helped Chris test the website and suggest any useful features. Although there were a few bugs, there many of the features that I suggested didn't necessarily have a place in website; however, there was one that did. Business listings. In an earlier conversation to find an area where I can contribute to the website, Chris mentioned that Amazon approached him with some promotional offers to advertise some of their items. From here it dawned on me that Synclis didn't have a feature that would allow to support such advertisements. It was then that I came up with the idea of business listings. Business listings are regular listings that, instead of expiring after a short period of time, would remain active until cancelled by the owner, an administrator, or if it's 'lease' on the website ran out. This 'lease', as I call it, is basically a payment made by the owner to the website to ensure that the listing remain active until the aforementioned conditions occur. There may be other associated features associated with business listings such as the ability to install promotional offers, but for now the lease is the main difference. Because a regular listing does not have a 'lease' feature, business listings were created in theory.

With all of that said, I held off on creating a LoFi diagram since it was already verbally designed at an earlier time. I'll try to get a video of Chris and I discussing it, but for now, I'll make do without it.

Now for a visual. Because regular listings and business listings are very similar in practice, I figured that the business listing management page would look similar to the regular one.

Your Listings management
As you can see, there is a feature installed on the website that allows personal listings to be edited, sought after, and deleted. In regards to business listings, the only addition that needs to be made is a  'lease' renewal. With that said, it seems a bit redundant to make a LoFi diagram of something that already has a solid foundation.

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