Thursday, May 15, 2014

Putting it all together: Synclis

It's been rough. We had our ups and down but we've managed to pull through! Although we weren't required to implement anything it was still a fun and enlightening experience. Working with clients was a sharp turn of events and I feel like even if I weren't going to pursue a career in software engineering, I feel like I can still apply the knowledge I gained to convey technical concepts in a simple manner. Like my use cases here. 

Although these use cases weren't actually used to explain everything, it helped me conceptualize everything that was going on. It's like what Albert Einstein said: You do not really understand something unless you can explain it to your grandmother. Except instead of my grandmother it was more like explaining it to myself. And I'm sure my grandmother can understand what I drew. It took me a while to come up with business listings, but when it was well-received when I proposed it. Unfortunately I didn't get a video of myself discussing it with my client. Even if I did it was probably unnecessary since based on what we discussed it was very similar to regular listings As shown here: 

And here's my business listing management:

I know, not very similar, but the core ideas are the same. As I mentioned before business listings and regular listings function similarly. The only real difference is that business listings lack an expiration date. Instead, they get a lease. Similar to other advertisements, businesses would pay for advertising space. 

After that it's a simple matter of creating cucumber features to ensure functionality. Here's an example of the above's:

Scenario: I want to create a business advertisement
Given that I am on the home page
When I click on "My Business Ads"
And I fill in "title" with "Elmo"
And I fill in "address" with "guild wars"
And I fill in "contact" with "sharpner"
And I fill in "description" with "brownies"
And I press "Create"

Then I should see "Elmo,guild wars,sharpner,brownies"

I chose arbitrary placeholder information for the sake of (my) simplicity. In effect, there would be other aspects that would need to be added such as uploading a video/pictures, deciding the the advertisement's category, and payment options. Because I wanted a bare-bones approach to this (as it is a prototype after all), I kept it simple.

So there we have it! Here's the link to my presentation. It's two part spanning around 23 minutes (sorry I couldn't make it shorter, guess I had a lot to say). 

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