Friday, March 7, 2014

Interview Blog - Draft

Love them or hate them, interviews are a necessary step in establishing business relationships. It's an opportunity for both parties to get to know each other and have their intentions laid out.

After giving it some thought, here's a list of things that I would start out asking:

Preliminary questions:
- In a nutshell, what does your company do?
- Who are the various stakeholders within the company? Can I eventually meet them?
- How well do you think I will fit into the company? Would I need to read up on a lot of terminology or expand my knowledge in a particular field (say, GUI's or interfaces for example)?

After getting to know a thing or two about the company, I would start asking more specific aspects of company operations like:
- For the typical client, how long does it take to complete their requests?
- How much does does the company typically spend on a single project?
- What are the various teams that the company employ to complete the tasks at hand?
- Is the client informed of each and every step in progress?
- How is testing done? Do the developers test as they go along or is there a separate team that tests   the finished product?
- When it comes to development, what problems do you normally encounter?
- Is there anything that you feel needs to be improved?

After asking these questions, I would probably start asking some of the questions that I may have throughout the interview

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